About myself

I work as a senior fullstack software engineering consultant for clients in various sectors, specialised mainly in the Java ecosystem as well as Application Security.

Besides being a father and husband I enjoy spending my free time on activities related to Astronomy and Photography. My main focus is currently on imaging the Solar System. Besides that I am also an occasional hobby Photographer, enjoying mainly capturing Landscapes, Forests and Night skies. Whenever the weather conditions aren't suitable I usually work on my personal open source software projects, read books, enjoy music and go running or hiking.

Social media

Although I am not an active social media user you can still find me on some of them. Occasionally I will switch to a new platform, or simply drop the whole account if I got bored with it. For information about my work and profession the best place to look for is generally my LinkedIn page.  On Astrobin.com you can find some of my astrophotography images.


I'm a board member of the Dutch workgroup Maan & Planeten, part of the Dutch royal society for Weather & Astronomy (KNVWS). We organize events twice a year, usually in one of the observatories in the Netherlands. We also share content related to the Solar System online. Our Facebook page is free for everybody to join, provided that you have a proven interest for astronomy. It has over 1000 members.